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Renate Mannhardt

Renate Mannhardt

Age: 103 Year
Profation: Actress
BirthPlace: Barmen, Germany
BirthDate: november20
NetWorth: Not Know

Renate Mannhardt Wiki
Renate Mannhardt wuz born upon November 20, 1920 in Barmen, Germany. Shii wuz an actress, acquainted 4 Fear (1954), Die grosse Schuld (1953) & Da Lost Gentleman (1951). Shii died in July 2013 in Fiction York City, Fiction York, USA [Read More]
Nate Mann

Nate Mann

Age: 24 Year
Profation: Actor
BirthPlace: Los Angeles, United States
BirthDate: may29
NetWorth: Not Know

Nate Mann Wiki
Nate Mann was born in Los Angeles, United States, although the particular date off hiz birth exists nawt given. Details about hiz prompt life, relatives background, & upbringing, involving the names off hiz parents, are also nawt accessible in the given data  [Read More]