Please Read Then Download Script

If you create any website by downloading this script of ours, then all the responsibility of that website will be with the website administrator. In the future, if there is any problem related to downloading or copyright issue, then the website admin will have to solve it.

If Any Error To Open This Script. Please Change PHP Version 7.3 and 7.4 in Cpannel.

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How To Setup Video

How To Setup Tutorial

step 1 : Download Script And Upload in Public html(DomainPath) in Cpannel.

step 2 : Open and Ragister With Some Basic Information

step 3 : Login Deshboard With Ragisterd Email and Password

Your Deshboard Preview

step 4 : Creat Database in Cpannel And Connect in Deshboard

step 5 : You Can Change Your Email, Username, logo and Password In Site Setings

step 6 : You Can add & remove Any Code In Head section

step 7 : setup Your ad Code in ads section

step 8 : setup Your Leagal Pages in pages section