• Best 1000+ Flirty Quotes for Her & him

    Flirty Quotes

    Flirty Quotes

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    Flirty Quotes

    Flirty Quotes


    flirty quotes 1

    You think that I flirt with you
    Nah, I am just nice to someone
    As sweet and as lovely as you
    How can someone not talk to a
    Wonderful person like you
    You are so attractive and pretty
    I think I am falling in love with you!

    flirty quotes 2

    Just look at your keyboard
    There is this wonderful and lovely someone
    Can you find something between
    The letters I and letter Y
    If you have figured it out then you may smile
    Now that you have smiled,
    I know that you also like me
    Let’s have a cup of coffee!

    flirty quotes & poems

    I am feeling so restless
    I am feeling so dull and down
    I am not feeling all bright
    I am feeling low in this night
    Can you just come and hug me tight
    And things for me will be alright
    Wish you were here with me tonight
    Wish you would give me a cuddle of the night!

    flirty quotes 4

    Ok it is called as flirting if I don’t know you
    But when I know who are you,
    It’s called being friendly with you
    So I can go a step ahead and say
    That will you accept being my friend
    Because I am waiting for your reply!

    flirty quotes 5

    When I see you my heart beats fast
    When I touch you, I feel something
    When I try to kiss you, I am in heaven
    When I am with you, I feel that kick
    All in my dreams, you know my dear
    Give me a reason to live my cheer
    Waiting for your reply…I like you!

    flirty quotes 6

    Stand in front of the mirror
    Hold eleven roses in your hand
    You will find twelve of them
    Standing where you are
    You are a rose in my life
    Without you, there is no life
    The fragrance of which can suffice
    I love you so much!

    flirty quotes 7

    I just now heard that Hershey’s chocolate
    Is your favorite among all
    And you love the kisses chocolate by Hershey’s
    Can’t you give me just one kiss and make my day
    An honest confession that I wish to say
    I think that I like you a lot
    You are always in my thought!

    Hey Gorgeous you know I do not flirt
    Actually, I do not like to flirt
    I like to be nice to people who are pretty
    I like to be extra attentive to pretty souls
    It’s not flirting, it’s just being nice
    There is a difference and you must know that
    You are beautiful to start with!

    flirty quotes 8

    I do not need to say with words
    I do not need to hug you tight
    I do not need to compliment you
    I do not need to act so bright
    I just need to look at you
    And you will give in to my eyes
    Baby I think I love you!

    New flirty quotes 2020

    Oh my heart, I don’t know why you get,
    Involved in love and feelings
    Your work is to pump up and feel
    You get engaged with things of zeal
    Like someone really pretty
    I think I am already involved here
    I hope you got what I just said!

    flirty quotes 10


    I get the best feeling in the world when you say Hi or smile at me, because I know that even for a second that I’ve crossed your mind.-Anonymous

    I am not one of those who do not believe in love at first sight, but I believe in taking a second look.
    -H. Vincent

    Women flirt to keep their stock high, men to get somewhere.
    -Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic’s Notebook, 1960

    The greatest miracle of love is the cure of coquetry.
    -Francois Duc de la Rochefoucauld, Maxims

    Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.
    -Charles Reade


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    flirting quotes for him(flirty quotes)

    flirty quotes

    flirty quotes

    1. Who needs to go shopping when I already have found the one thing I needed the most? That thing in my life is you, my love.
    2. Yippee! I have got the hottest boyfriend in town.
    3. I love it when you put your arms around me. It makes me feel like, it is just you and me on earth.
    4. You are the best gift, God has ever given me. I often wonder, are you even real or just some kind of an illusion.
    5. In the journey of life, people usually meet someone special and their world turns sweet and full of happiness
    6. . I can sense a change, since I have met you. Thanks.Congratulations you have just won an award for stealing my heart. The award is a dinner with me.
    7. You are the top most latest addition to my wish list. I’m crazy about you boy.
    8. There you finally found me! What was your second wish?
    9. I’ve not consumed anything. I’m just drugged by your love.
    10. I would love to help you to fill the gaps between your fingers, with mine.
    11. I just love the way you look into my eyes. It makes me forget the whole world outside.

    flirty quotes for crush (flirty quotes)

    flirty quotes

    flirty quotes

    1. Is it morning already or did you just smile at me?
    2. You are so hot that I have to wear a sunscreen around you.
    3. You are hotter than the sun, more beautiful than the moon and more addictive than drugs.
    4. I feel pleasant. I breathe freshness. I walk proud. I think beautiful. And all these things are true, and I wish to tell, the reason is you.
    5. Your display picture shows off a beautiful angel, only the halo and wings are missing!
    6. I wish you a life as beautiful as your smile.
    7. If falling in love is a sin, I’m surely going to hell. I am head over heels in love with you.
    8. Can you please call a lifeguard, because I’m drowning in your love.
    9. I’m crazy, crazy in love with you.
    10. Each time I look at your pretty face, it makes me wonder, ‘What is an angel doing among humans?’
    11. If I told you that I was lost, would you take me home with you?
    12. You are not just another pretty face. Well, I mean you have got a great body as well.
    13. If happiness was a grain of sand, you have given me a beach. If hope was a drop, you have given me the ocean
    14. . If love was a star, you have given me the universe. Thank you.
    15. Just one smile from you can make my day. So always smile please because you not smiling tends to have the reverse effect.
    16. The sun shines brighter, the birds seem happier, the stars appear shinier, in fact, the world seems a better place, when you smile!
    17. This world may be having many beautiful girls out there. But none of them have the charm as magnetic as you. I simply cannot resist you.


    you can flirty with my girl quotes  (flirty quotes)

    1. Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again
    2. You are like a dream come true for me! But I don’t believe in dreams.
    3. I should get an insurance, coz your looks can kill me anytime.
    4. May be it is too early to say, but when you love you don’t care. Yes, am in love and I wish to confess my feelings to you. In fact you are the first one to know. I love . . . . . my new pet.
    5. Every time I see you, the clock ceases to tick. Every time you smile, it rains. Every time you walk, the winds blow. And although, am glad you can do all this to me, I was dying to ask you something. Are you a human or some kind of alien?
    6. Dreaming of you makes my night worthwhile. Thinking of you makes me smile. Having you is the best thing ever and loving you is what I plan to do forever.
    7. If I could rarerange the alphabet, I would put U and I together forever.
    8. You are so beautiful, I almost lost track of what I was doing!

    eye flirty quotes (flirty quotes)

    1. I would like to be with you rather than having your thoughts on my mind 24/7.
    2. You have booked a place in my heart for free. Wouldn’t you like to come and stay there.
    3. I may be a rain drop because I can feel myself falling, falling for you.
    4. Your smile seriously gives a tough competition even to the sun.
    5. Do you have a band aid? I think I scratched my knee while falling for you.
    6. I have committed a crime of loving you and would like to be imprisoned in your heart forever.
    7. I have had a very bad day. Can you smile please? Only your smile can drive away all my problems.
    8. If looks could kill, I am dead right now and in heaven. All thanks to you.



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