• Best Latest Baby Boy Quotes & Poems 2020

    Baby boy quotes

    Baby boy quotes

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    Baby boy quotes

    Baby boy quotes


    Step by step the journey goes on,
    Step by step, it will grow strong.
    God has bestowed an angel upon you,
    We are sure someday, your baby will shine like a dew.

    They say children are a form of God.
    God has arrived in your home.
    I’m sure you are going to make amazing parents!

    With the new baby, I ray comes loads and loads of joy and smiles. The new angel shall shine up your life. Congratulations!

    I am mighty pleased to know that god has gifted you and your family with a sweet angel. I wish love and happiness to your entire family. God bless the new life.

    The new baby shall spread smiles and warmth in your family. Enjoy your God’s gift. My best wishes are always with you.

    The new born angel shall bring in loads of happy and memorable times in your life. Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby. God bless your family.

    May the new born baby, bring loads of joy, love and smiles in your lives. Congratulations.

    Congratulations on the arrival of your little angel. May God bless your child with all his love, care and happiness.

    I wish that this exciting news, brings all the joy and fun in your life. May your new born angel live a long and happy life. May God bless your child. Congratulations.

    With the arrival of your new angel, shall come immense blessings and love. Congratulations on this lovely news. May God bless your family with loads of fun and peaceful times.

    Baby boy quotes from mommy( baby boy quotes)

    Baby boy quotes

    Baby boy quotes

    I Will Fight For You

    It does not matter if you’re a boy or a girl,
    I will fight with the whole world to treat you well;

    Your tiny little hands and your tender sweet lips,
    Can’t wait to see you my dear and feel your kiss;

    My dear child the first time when you begin to speak,
    My heart will be at it’s highest possible peak;

    And if you ever fall and hurt yourself,
    I will teach you how to get up and walk myself;

    I will take care of you and make you grow nice and strong,
    So that even when I am gone, you can live life long.

    Description Of A Baby

    Beauty personified, innocence caged in a human form,
    A sleeping baby is no less than the silence before the storm.
    Noisy as ever, with the chuckle of mischief and love,
    This little moon newly born is purer than even a dove.


    Cute baby boy quotes

    Hey! Look who has come in our life,
    The little bundle of joy,
    With the sound of toy,
    So much to do in life now,
    The feeling is just awesome and wow!
    Both of us have just welcomed our sweet angel,

    Who just gave a grand entry today,
    The warmth of her face is so nice,
    Today we have become a lot more wise!

    God is so kind,
    Because we have been doubly blessed with awesome joy,
    With the super noise of toy,
    Yes its twins!
    Our life is now about double celebration!

    There’s a new addition to our crazy little family! We’ve been blessed with a super cute and angelic baby boy/ girl, who we wish turns out to be as crazy and awesome as we are! Come and witness the madness soon!

    We are happy to share the news of the arrival of a wonderful baby boy/ girl in our home. God has been extremely kind in fulfilling our wishes, and we invite you to come and bless our little bundle of joy.

    Quotes for baby boy Smile ( baby boy quotes)

    Baby boy quotes

    Baby boy quotes

    1. A God’s gift will soon be coming our home. A new flower in our family garden. Bless our little angel
    2. We have a great announcement to make, and we ask for your best wishes and blessings through this. We are expecting a new baby soon. Bless us with your wishes.
    3. God has blessed us with a little angel, and we request you to bless our baby with your warmth and care.
    4. We are glad to announce that we are expecting a new angel in to our family very soon. Bless our little child.

    The little bunny is here and how, Yes our baby is just wow,
    And, he has arrived in this beautiful world,
    To make our life complete!

    Short baby quotes ( baby boy quotes)

    With great joy, we want to announce,
    Birth of a sweet girl child
    She has come in this world
    And has conquered our hearts with her smile
    She has made our family complete
    So happy to share this piece of news
    With all our wonderful friends and family!

    Little tots and sounds of toy
    Please welcome our baby boy
    Who will fill our world with happiness
    Who will create a difference to see
    My baby boy is sweet as can be
    Sharing this wonderful news
    With his loving family,
    Please bless the child!

    The most wonderful creation of
    The world is perhaps a child
    We are lucky to announce this day
    That we are now proud parents
    Of two wonderful twins yes,
    That is so correct
    Two twins have come in our life
    To make our world so bright
    Thanks for all the blessings!

    It is a miracle of sorts
    It’s my dream come true
    The bump is finally flat
    That had the baby due
    With so much happiness
    And a radiant smile
    We welcome our sweet bundle of joy,
    Oh yes it is a baby boy!


    Baby quotes funny ( baby boy quotes)

    • baby boy quotes for whatsapp

    Our family just got complete! Yay! We have a new member – a lovely baby boy/ girl. Our little member is currently accepting kisses, hugs and presents, so come over and share some love!

    Our family cake has just been blessed with a little icing and cherry! We have a baby boy/ girl in our home, all cuddled up in a cot, waiting for you to come and give your blessings.

    A little piece of heaven, a small shining star just came home. Our home is soon going to be filled with toys, teddies and candies. But before that, do come and bless our little baby boy/ girl.

    • baby boy quotes poems

    With the grace of God and all the blessings
    We are now happy parents
    Of a girl child so sweet
    Her ways are so innocent
    She is just like an angel
    Let us introduce her
    Her name is.

    After these wonderful nine moths
    After this happiness galore
    We are so happy to share this news
    We could not ask for more
    It is the birth of baby boy
    Just like the loving sound of toy
    He is like the light in our life
    He is our loving boy!

    Newborn baby boy quotes and sayings ( baby boy quotes)

    best 3 new born baby boy quotes free for all audiance you can sare this baby boy quotes witjh your famely and friends.

    Baby boy quotes

    Baby boy quotes

    Welcome To Baby World

    Welcome to the world of stinky diapers and sleepless nights,
    You now have to concentrate more on your baby than your own life;
    But when you see your baby smile or cuddle next to you,
    It will make it all worth looking forward to.

    They say two is company while three is a group,
    A baby is someone who will make your family complete.
    A little bundle of joy held in your arms with love,
    Is no less than a piece of a star fallen from heaven above.

    I Promise To Love You ( baby boy quotes)

    The past nine months of sleepless nights had driven me insane,
    But the sight of something so beautiful made me forget all the pain,

    I feel like God for a moment to have created a life,
    Out of my own flesh and blood, was made my darling child.

    I promise to be the best parent to you my dear,
    For losing you is the only thing now that I ever fear.

    My Beautiful Angel ( baby boy quotes)

    Once upon a time I prayed to God for an angel,
    To enter my life, to make it happy and joyful,

    A few days ago that little angel popped in my womb
    I knew my angel was more beautiful than even the moon.

    The first time she kicked to make me feel her presence,
    I wrapped my arms around my little excrescence

    Today I gave birth to that little piece of love
    She’s a piece of my heart, who’s purer than a dove.

    The little angel in my arms is sweeter than a marshmallow,
    And she is so beautiful even without a halo.



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